World of Mordia
Type: Roleplaying Persistent World
Status: Canceled

World of Mordia will be a persistent world, and a roleplaying server. Mordia is a world created from scratch by our developers. The reason for having a own world, and not use another one, is because of the freedom it gives. Not to follow another world by the books, but be able to form it, for what we think will become a enjoying world for our players. Also players will be able to change and form the world as they play. Players will be able to interact in the world, like becoming constable, and given other roles like that. They will also be able to create guilds, and every guild will be able to have their own custom house or castle. We hope to create a good community, like if you're gone a half year from it, and come back will you still see old players you used to play with.

World informationEdit

What I can say about the world so far, however non of this is certain at this time and might be changed: There will be different regions, many of them inspired from mythologies. The main areas will be The Empire, which will be inspired from the Roman empire, and Greek mythology. To the south lays a kingdom, ruled by a Pharaoh, this kingdom will be inspired from the Egyptian mythology. South east of the empire, will another empire lay, which will be inspired much from the eastern culture, and society. We will see Samurais, and Ninjas there. North of the empire lays the frozen lands, where there are several kingdoms, which will be inspired from Norse mythology. There will also be great forests where wood elves, druids and rangers lives, as well as other mythology, legendary and magical creature will live, like Satyrs, Nymphs and creature like that. There will also be lands where high elves lives. Sea elves sailing the sea. Those dying will go to the underworld, but not only spirits and ghosts lurk down there. There are entrances from the surface to the underworld, banished elves found this entrance many ages ago, and they developed into becoming black elves (basically same as darkelf/drow, but in Norse mythology they were called black elves). The world will also try to keep a medium-low magic setting.

External LinksEdit

Join us at: World of Mordia

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