The Fourth Age of Charun is a time unlike any other. It is the Age of Heroes, where the Rise and Fall of Kingdoms rest on the shoulders of mighty individuals rather than vast armies. It is a time where it is possible to forge one's destiny without the aid of neither god nor mortal!

Description Edit

The World of Charun is a Persistent Role Play World based in it's own custom setting. It is based on the Neverwinter Nights module for the same name. The NWN2 mod is set in the Fourth Age, after the fall of the Third Age, which happened in the first installment of Neverwinter Nights

Part of the goal with the World of Charun is to create a perfect combination between Pen and Paper Roleplay, and what is offered through NWN. The world is to inspire and excite.

Charun is a heavy RP, low magic, persistent world set in a completely original setting. We feature a rich, detailed world and hundreds of pages of lore and backstory. We also have many custom scripts and systems, including a custom combat system and a custom death system.


WoC is a heavy RP world - you are expected to be in character whenever logged in. However, we freely mix roleplay with action; the idea is to give the player the feeling of adventure.


WoC is also a low magic world - you won't find +3 longswords just lying around. Infact, if you ever do come across a magic item, you will be one of the lucky few. The intent is to make magic not non-existant, but very, very rare and therefore all the more special to discover. Most common item properties are produced through mundane means, rather than arcane.

Joining WoC Edit

You need to download a number of custom files in order to play on WoC. Visit our website or forums for a quick peek if you're interested in finding out more. We have a great, mature community of roleplayers, and would like even more to join us!

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