World of Aleria
Status: Inactive

The World of Aleria is a NWN2 project based off of non-DND type setting with a custom world and rulesets. We strive to be unique and create a unique and easy to understand gameworld for all DND and non-DND oriented folks alike. The world is a low magic, high Roleplay world in a mature setting. We combine our knowledge of successful MMORPG systems and try to incorporate them into the gameworld to make a fun and unique experience for a non-subscription game.

This world is being created by some of the original members of the World of Haven staff from NWN1, as well as some of the original players. To list a few: Fujisawa, Kaltor, Acobar, Gwen, Maelos, Shade, and several others.

Introduction to Aleria Edit

Magic, it was once a powerful and majestic force that was researched during the Great War. After the Great War it was used everyday by the people of the lands to do anything the heart desired. But desire for more power grew within the hearts of a few. Now, this magic that had once spread bloodshed and had once brought peace, is the terrible force that binds us all by not of our will.

Men have toyed with which they do not understand. The Archlord Saragon has opened the gates to the Netherworld and by a twist of fate, the brave army of adventurers were encased in stone for a hundred years. We were frozen in time, only to awaken to the ruins and darkness of a place we once called home. Now we must reclaim the world we have lost, the World of Aleria.

How to Join Edit

We are an open minded community of mature folks, we pull most of our staff members from the playerbase itself, so players have experienced the world, and know about whats going on, what to expect from the other staff members, and the community itself! Staff list can be found in the FAQ of the website.

Questions Edit

Most questions about In game and out of game conduct and rules can be found in our FAQ Database.