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Wildland was a German persistent world server for Neverwinter Nights 2, that would be launched in late 2006 (or early 2007). Wildland was both the name of the server and a region in the Northlands of the continent of Akarion in the self-created setting of Loradias. The server was under development.


North and west of the Star Lake, that dominates the Northlands of the continent Akarion lies a region called by the simple name of Wildland. Once the northern reaches of the elven realm of Lares'Trahir, the Northern Woods were abandoned about three thousand years ago and laid unclaimed for many generations of elves. For centuries no one ventured into these woods and disturbed the fey, who once again called the glades and rivers their homes. About one hundred and twenty years ago (merely the time an elven child needs to grow up) the first human settlers came from the realm of Kamareth and build their farms and villages in the vale of the river Valorndin between the waters of the Star Lake and the trees of the Northern Woods.

At first frightened and careful of the wonders and horrors of the woods, the humans grew bolder with every generation and their beginning explorations of the ancient ruins of the lost elven realm led the first elves return from the surrounding forests back to the lands of their ancestors. But much that was known of the ancient realm became lost and the Northern Woods seemed not to be the place the old songs and stories told of. Now a new time of exploration has begun, both of humans and elves and every day they venture deeper into the old forest a mystery is unveiled and three new are discovered.

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