The wield type of a weapon defines in what way the weapon is employed in combat by its owner.

This type, combined with the size of the weapon is figured into determining how this weapon is employed in combat.

Wield type examples:

Weapon size Edit

Depending on the physical size of weapon, and the wielder of that weapon, the wield type of a weapon can be different. For instance, some races of character would wield a morningstar with both hands, while other, larger races would require only one hand.

One-handed weapons allow the wielder the option to use a shield for a shield bonus to their armor class. This can often benefit larger characters, who are able to wield some more powerful weapons with only one hand.

Weapons wielded in two hands provide the user with an additional 1.5* Strength bonus to all damaging attacks. This can often be beneficial to smaller characters, to whom more weapons fall under the 'two-handed' category. Otherwise, there are no differences between Small or Large characters wielding the same weapon.

The Feat Monkey Grip allows any character to wield a two-handed weapon in just a single hand, albeit at a -2 penalty to all attack rolls.

Weapon design Edit

Some weapons, such as the bastard sword may be wielded as either a one-handed weapon or two-handed weapon. Again, the size of the character wielding the weapon is also a factor in determining the wield type.

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Pre-release notesEdit

  • Obsidian has stated that NWN2 will not include one/two-handed weapons (just like NWN1). A bastard sword will be a one-handed weapon for medium size creatures.

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