Wheel of Time: The Two Rivers
Type: Persistent World?
Language: English
Staff: Robert Jordan (Creator)
ArchPaladin (Admin)
Carnifex (Builder)
Duke/MrWakka (Builder/ Concepts)
Hugie (Builder/scripter)
JC (Writer)
Lanndon (Modeler)
Ringie (Scripter)
Status: Canceled

Wheel of Time: The Two Rivers, known more commonly as simply 2r, is a gameworld in development based on The Wheel of Time books written by Robert Jordan, it is created based around the two rivers region, and expands from there to the greater areas of the westlands.


  • Unique magic system true to the world on which the server is based.
  • Realistic noble system, allowing a player to become the lord of vast last lands, possibly even king.
  • Narrative style of play, the staff lets players fail or succeed based on their own actions, if a nation is on the verge of falling, a town under siege, or some other disaster, it will be up to the players to fix, should they choose, and if they chose not to, consequences are real, towns and kingdoms destroyed, never to be recovered.
  • Custom classes to the setting.


The Team rates the server as PG-13 for violence.

For a more in depth explanation, the world of the Wheel of Time is a violent place, with wars and raids by savage and evil creatures known as trollocs, otherwise the server is kept relatively friendly, prohibiting swearing or foul language, as well as other offensive acts, such as harassment and sexual situations.

Development TeamEdit

The development team, are those responsible for the creation and expansion of the server, not to be confused with the DM team, the developers in general do not involve themselves in that aspect, those whom are also Dungeon Masters are marked with an asterisk.

they are, in alphabetical order:

  • ArchPaladin* - The Team Lead, Arch is the founder of the 2r project.
  • Carnifex - Builder.
  • Duke* (Aka MrWakka) - Builder, Concept designer, Including but not limited to, Classes & Noble System.
  • Hugie - Builder, Scripter, Custom spell creator, Cutscene specialist.
  • JC - Writer.
  • Lanndon - Modeler.
  • Ringie - Scripter.

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