Weapon size relates to the size of the weapon in comparison to that of the creature wielding it. The size of the weapon seems to have no effect its reach---the distance required to engage in melee combat; that is, a character wielding a spear and a character armed with a kukri must both be essentially the same distance from the target to attack.

Size Restrictions Edit

  • A weapon three sizes larger than the character cannot be wielded.
  • A weapon two sizes larger than the character can be wielded two-handed only with the monkey grip feat.
  • A weapon one size larger than the character can be wielded two-handed normally or one-handed with the monkey grip feat.
  • A weapon the same size as the character can either be wielded one-handed (with a shield or dual-wielding) or two-handed (nothing in the off-hand).
  • A weapon at least one size smaller than the wielder must be wielded with one hand. It is also considered a light weapon, as are Unarmed strikes.

Ranged Weapon Restrictions Edit

  • Bows must be wielded two-handed, regardless of their size.
  • Thrown weapons may not be dual-wielded, regardless of their size.

Weapon List by Size Edit

Large Weapons

Medium Weapons

Small Weapons

Tiny Weapons

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