Type of feat: History
Warden of the Keep

Feat icon

Prerequisite: Greycloak civility must be high, the Church of Tyr must be built, Joy and Light of Heavens must have been recruited, Uncus and Caelryna must not be in the keep, and the PC must be good aligned. You can not become Warden if you joined the thieves in act II, as joining the thieves prevents you from refusing Uncus.

Required for: None

Specifics: "Crossroad Keep is a paragon of civility and honor thanks to your good example and noble leadership."

Use: Automatic

Trigger: Upon entering the Church of Tyr, Ivarr, Joy, and Light of Heavens will join you to thank you and grant you the feat. Joy will give you a Charm of Joy, and Light of Heavens will give you the mace Champion's Fist.


Open the console and type:

DebugMode 1
GiveFeat 1697
DebugMode 0


You can get the Warden of the Keep History Feat and Caelryna by recruiting her after you get the feat.

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