Wand of Decoys

What it does

Creates an decoy to distract the enemies


If you ever played diablo 2 and used an amazon you'll know what I'm talking about. There's a few steps you need to do before you past in the script.

First you need to create a "decoy" blue print. It's really easy, just create a new monster and set it's apparence to the combat dummy and make sure it's blue print reference is called "decoy", the faction is set to commoner, and the mobility is set to immobile.

Second you need to create the wand and give it the tag "WandOfDecoy" and give it the property of "unique power - 3 use/day"

The Script

Add it to your module's OnActivateItem event

void main()
    object oItem = GetItemActivated();
    object oActivator = GetItemActivator();
    location lTarget = GetItemActivatedTargetLocation();
    if (GetTag(oItem) == "WandOfDecoy")
        object decoy = CreateObject( OBJECT_TYPE_CREATURE , "decoy" , lTarget);
	// some special fx to go with it
        ApplyEffectAtLocation( DURATION_TYPE_INSTANT , EffectVisualEffect( VFX_FNF_SUMMON_MONSTER_1 ) , lTarget);
	// destroy it after 60 seconds
        DestroyObject( decoy , 60.0);


As you can see, the script itself it's not difficult. I just thought this is an interesting idea that I wanted to share with the community. On my server I actually have making decoys implemented as a sub-class skill for my ninja guild. My server's name is called " ! Kelahar's Seal" Under Action, server vault catagory.

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