The Veil Theater is a landmark in the city of Mulsantir, and a relatively major location in the Mask of the Betrayer campaign. It serves as a resting area of sorts for companions and features crafting workstations.

The theater is owned by Lienna and houses a troupe including Magda, Lothario, Sweet Wallace Whitt, Amber Rose, and Vesper Jinn.

Mask of the Betrayer campaignEdit

Safiya brings the PC to the Veil under orders from her mother to bring him/her to Lienna. Unfortunately, the Veil is under attack by Red Wizards and their gnoll soldiers in search of Lienna. After fending off several, Magda gives the player and Safiya a shadow stone to utilize a portal backstage to the Plane of Shadow.

Inside the shadow reflection of the Veil, the PC discovers an operating table, and experiences a flashback recalling the silver shard of Gith's blade being surgically removed from his/her chest on the table by two mysterious women.

The player and Safiya then discovers the Red Wizard behind the attack, Khai Khmun, along with the incinerated remains of Lienna. He claimed Lienna immolated herself when he confronted her, and he's only acting under orders of Araman. Though Khai was extremely fearful of the player's special condition, he coldly gloated about the murder of Safiya's mother, provoking her into a rage and was soon killed by her and the PC in subsequent battle.

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