Untouchable HipsEdit


  • DR 15/-
  • High AC
  • High sneakyness


  • Low number of attacks per round
  • Low attack bonus
  • Low willpower saves

This build is Designed around being impossible to detect as well as capable of evading attacks through a extremely high AC in combination with epic dodge. It is capable of completely destroying the classic monk/fighter builds like the kame no kage since they hit very weak and so find it hard to beat the 15 DR. It is also capable of Annihilating any build that does not have a large number of per round regardless of how hard they hit simply because the probability of beating AC more than once per round to beat the epic dodge is very slim.

It can beat an iron sorcerer type build as well, but only if you allow a use of a knockdown immunity item such as a thieves hood; it will take a very long time though since you will need to wait between daze effects to actually attack.

Note: As of v1.23, DR doesn't work against magical damage spells like missile storm so this build is unlikely to beat any arcane caster build. Also AC of this build is moderate at best for a dex build and won't be enough to fend against bigby's crushing hand.

Character CreationEdit

STR 8 8
DEX 18 25
CON 20 21
INT 8 8
WIS 8 8
CHA 6 6
Base attack bonus 24
Fortitude save 16
Reflex save 21
Will save 10
Spell resistance 0
Hit Points 430
Natural AC 24
  • Background: Wild Child
CL Class Feat Bonus/Class Feats Attributes
1 Rogue Dodge
2 Rogue
3 Rogue Weapon Finesse
4 Rogue Dexterity +1
5 Rogue
6 Rogue Mobility
7 Rogue
8 Shadowdancer Dexterity +1
9 Shadowdancer Toughness
10 Shadowdancer
11 Dwarven Defender
12 Dwarven Defender Stealthy Dexterity +1
13 Dwarven Defender
14 Dwarven Defender
15 Rogue Skill Focus Hide
16 Dwarven Defender Dexterity +1
17 Dwarven Defender
18 Dwarven Defender SKill Focus Move Silently
19 Dwarven Defender
20 Dwarven Defender Dexterity +1
21 Dwarven Defender Great Constitution 1
22 Shadowdancer
23 Shadowdancer Epic Damage Reduction 1
24 Rogue Dexterity +1
25 Rogue Epic Damage Reduction 2 Improved Evasion
26 Rogue
27 Rogue Epic Damage Reduction 3
28 Rogue Opportunist Dexterity +1
29 Rogue Epic Dodge
30 Rogue

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