Type of feat
Pale master level 6
Required for

At 6th level, the pale master performs a horrific operation that replaces one of their arms with a supernaturally-animated, undead appendage. The pale master may make a touch attack with this arm that paralyzes the target twice per day. At 8th level, the pale master may use this touch attack three times per day.

The save is Fortitude-based against Negative Energy, DC 14+ half the palemaster levels (so 19 at most).

Any creature immune to paralysis (Freedom of Movement etc.) or mind-affecting spells will ignore the effect completely. Elf races are specifically excluded, they are completely immune to this ability, even if not immune to paralysis/mind-affecting spells in general. If a target is affected, they are allowed a save every round, similar to Hold Person/Monster/Animal spells (DC same as above, fortitude-based).

Duration is 1d6+2 (same as Ghoul Touch, coincidence?)

If the melee touch attack misses, the number of uses is NOT decremented.

Selected (melee touch attack)

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