Unapproachable East - Thesk
Type: Roleplaying Persistent World
Status: Offline

Unapproachable East - Thesk (UET) was a Neverwinter Nights 2 Roleplaying Persistent World. As the name suggests the gameworld was based on the setting of the eastern region of Faerun of Thesk.


Thesk is a Roleplay server and roleplaying is required. It is free to play but the Dungeon Masters have restricted a few thing such as Prestige classes in order to better reflect the setting. PvP is allowed.

Game Mechanics ChangesEdit

Thesk includes many scripted system developed to reflect the D&D rules.

  1. Death System: Upon death, characters are moved to the Fugue Plane and a pickable corpse is left on the death place. This corpse can be either resurrected with Raise Dead/Resurrection spell or animated into an undead by a necromancer.
  2. Rest System: Rest is time restricted. Characters can rest in inns or in the wilderness with the proper equipment.
  3. Healing Ability: Standard Healing Kits have been removed in favor of custom ones that allow healers to apply first-aid, treat poisons and diseases or simply cure wounds. Hit Points are not regained instantly, but the healing rate is 1 hit point per round for a number of rounds determined by the heal check (for more information please consult the website).
  4. Sleight of Hand (Pickpocket): Sleight of Hand has been changed. Thieves can only pick items that weigh no more than 3 lbs and only one item in stack.
  5. Spell Changes: Many spells have been changed (and will be changed), for more informations please consult the website.
  6. Items creation: Thesk offers a unique Crafting system based on PnP rules. Most of the item materials such as Mithral and Adamantine can be used to craft special weapons and armors. It is also possible to craft wondrous items or enchant masterwork armors and weapons.

Factions in TheskEdit

To add more realism to the game the Dungeon Mastershaveaddedthe possibility for players to play a DM controlled faction. Yet starting players controlled factions is greatly encouraged. DM factions experience much of the goings on in the server, and are great fun. Factions in Thesk include:

  1. The Shadowmasters of Telflamm
  2. The City Watch
  3. The Thayan Enclave (either Red Wizards or Thayan Knights are playable)
  4. The League of the Avenging Hammer
  5. Harpers

Quests in TheskEdit

Unapproachable East - Thesk offers many scripted quests with gold and XP rewards that are reset at every server restart. These quests are playable by parties or single players. Of course, DMs run many quests and plots.

External resourcesEdit

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