XML TagFieldVariableRangeDescription
UIScenenamestringanyThis is the name of the UI Scene that all scripts and events will reference
x/yintegerscreen coordsDefines where the scene top left corner will be positioned on creation.
width/heightintegerscreen coordsDefines the height/width of the particular element, which must not exceed the parent elements dimensions or clipping will occur. UIScene's are parented to the main window scene, so its maximum dimensions is that of the current resolution.
draggablebooleantrue/falseSets the scene as one that can be repositioned by dragging or one that is fixed by the x/y coordinates.
dragsizeablebooleantrue/falseSets the scene as one thats dimensions can be re-sized by dragging the outer frame
dragresizeborderintegerpixelsDefines the size of the border area that the user's mouse cursor will change to a resize cursor when moved over
fadeinfloatanySets the time over which the UI scene will fade in
fadeoutfloatanySets the time over which the UI scene will fade out
fullscreenbooleantrue/falseDefines if this UI Scene is fullscreen and covers all visible area. Useful for arranging elements to specific points based on resolution or for menus etc.

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