Twilight Legacy
Status: Offline

Twilight Legacy is an NWN persistent world with plans to develop a NWN2 version with the same level of quality that has made our community thrive for the past 4 years. A completely unique world and history awaits players as they explore the lands of Cyrendell. Diverse nations send diplomats, spies, soldiers and heroes to protect their resources, or to acquire more.

The current world's website is at Twilight Legacy. Here the staff's commitment to excellence in design, scripting, DM plots and player service is apparent. Our world has always promoted roleplaying and creativity without alienating other types of play. We have developed many custom features that we plan to continue in the NWN2 version, including a unique crafting system. The DMs have always encouraged player involvement in the world and we change the world according to player interaction. We take a great deal of pride in the closeness of our community and our openness to new players.

Our development staff for NWN2:

  • Via Con Diablos
  • Polaris DM
  • Scribe DM
  • DM Angst
  • DM Dionysus
  • Ergodyne
  • DM Darkness
  • ShadeDM
  • Reinhardt
  • DM Dr. Screwloose

We also have several staff members responsible solely for DMing events, as well as a staff member who is our Community Relations Coordinator.

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