A tileset is a collection of tiles which follow a common theme. They allow module creators to select from a list of different tiles (each with varying sizes) so they can construct an area in the module.

Neverwinter Nights 2 will have a fundamental change in how environments are built. In NWN, all areas were built with tilesets from a list (see NWNWiki). NWN2 will use tilesets for interior areas only, while exterior areas will be built with a brand new method using height maps and "paintable" terrain.

The new toolset will not restrict the number of different types of tilesets per area. For example, a module creator can have half the area castle and the other half caves. The maximum area size is still 32 x 32 tiles though.

Available tilesetsEdit

There are seven tilesets in the base version of NWN2 available for use in interior areas:

Mask of the Betrayer adds two new tilesets:

In addition, textures can be swapped in each tileset for variety, such as new cavern textures.

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