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In other parts of Faerûn, travelers speak of the wonders they have seen in the Shining South. Tales and songs tell of lands scorched by heat, people ruled by drow, traders who could negotiate the name away from an Amnian and wizards who use magic for tasks mundane to miraculous. The Shining South is a vast place with perhaps the broadest variety of cultures anywhere. Halflings call part of the region home, while in another area half-drow rule and deem others outsiders. The most prominent dwarven abode sits squarely in the South, within the Great Rift, a carved canyon that has belonged to the dwarves for untold centuries. The Shining South is a place of ancient magic kept alive and practiced with casualness that would make the barbarians of the Silver Marches howl in consternation.
  — Thomas M. Reid, Forgotten Realms - Shining South, © 2004 Wizards of the Coast

Introduction Edit

Take part in an adventure that will take you from the heights of the Eastern Wall to the depths of the Underdark. Struggle to uncover covert plots and untangle century old political rivalries. Or, simply do it all the safe way; create a character on The Shining South and live vicariously!

Call for Contributors Edit

The current members of The Shining South's development team are experienced and dedicated, having previously worked on the NWN PW known as The Underdark. Currently, we are recruiting more builders and DMs for the development of this exciting mod. If you have interest in either of these positions or any additional questions and comments; please contact us through our forums.

Websites Edit

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