The SAGA Project, or S2, intends to follow our well-known traditions of PW making. Our motto on S1 - "A friendship based roleplay community" - will easily be transferred to S2 because we believe that a strong sense of community and friendly coexistence are the first important step to ease roleplay and to achieve our major goal: FUN! Cutting the sentimental part of it, we'd like you to know that S2 will battle avidly powergamers and probably condemn metagamers and exploiters as you can easily see by visiting our approved rules section. So as you can see we are setting upa solid home for all sagathians to roleplay and have their fun.

About the systems S2 will bring you, Rowell (an amazing scripter from a "cousin" PW) already promised us two of the best player friendly scripts we have used: the "Bash Lock/Door system" and the "Fair Loot Chest" - i'm also hoping he will share his solid "Player Housing System" so sagathians may call S2 their home... literally. On the other hand SAGA will e sure to bring back systems we used on S1 that were a complete success and implement new ones like the SaP (SAGA Activity Points) and the Multiclassing Control.

Another feature SAGA intends on implementing during the first months of S2 is the Custom Player Races. This feature depends directly with the capabilities of the upcoming engine (both on factions and character creation) and will be connected with the mentioned SaP system. Think how it can be fun to actually roleplay a goblin, a kobold, an orc or another one of the 38 planned playable races? Excited?! So are we... as excited as determined to make it happen.

To conclude here's what we are sure you can expect of SAGA: unique and solid campaign setting, balanced to heavy roleplay and high adventuring, dedicated staff and active DMs, scripted quests for solo play and party play, different laws in the different lands, crafting, banking, persistent homes with storage, and a whole lot of plans for: custom prestige classes, enhanced class playability, custom races and subraces, etc.

Check for updates and details at

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