The Kingdom and the Empire
Type: Persistent World?
Language: English
Status: Offline

The Kingdom and the Empire plans a whole new world for NWN 2, well actually 2 worlds. The first world to be made is totally brand new called The Rift of the Gods and the second world will be very similiar to TKATE in NWN 1. Whats the difference, you ask.

The Rift will be a 24/7 around the clock competition of the good side of The Kingdom of Dooleyrin and the evil side of The Black Reign competing for resources, obelisks, seals and other various items. Both sides think the advantage gained in this world could finally end the eternal war that has been destroying both sides. The more items, obelisks, seals or resources captured and under that side's control the more advantage that side will have against the other one. Each side will start on opposite corners of this vast realm and will fight towards the center of this map in order to unlock the seals, resources and other magic sources. They will be the chance of encountering the other side here also. Thus making this world PvP and powergaming friendly with team base fighting and strategy encouraged. This is not arena based PvPing, but the 24/7 always going on competition of the 2 sides. Which side will you choose to fight for between The Kingdom And The Empire?

The TKATE world, the other world will be anti-PvP, a Roleplaying encouraged, story driven, quest based world very similiar to the one found in TKATE in NWN 1. Pretty much your typical NWN PW, but with all the uniqueness that made TKATE for NWN 1 different. The war is still going on, starving the residents of the kingdom and depleting the resources of the empire. You have been sent here to help rejuvenate the Kingdom of Dooleyrin's army and help take the upper hand for the kingdom in the war and maybe finally, peace will fill the land. Just beware the urge to join The Black Reign. The evil and the temptations of power may be to hard to resist for some heroes.

Players upon making their character will have the choice of making a Rift-Only character or Normal character. Rift-Only start at higher level, have better starting gear, but can only play in The Rift. Normal characters start at lower level with hardly anything in the TKATE world, but can fight and earn their way to The Rift if they so choose and then can go back and forth between the worlds.

  • For more info go to the website [1]
  • And the forums [2]

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