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Rinimand 10:38, 29 April 2008 (UTC) Is it possible to add a note that the implementation is as per the description here at NWN2 wiki but not as per the manual that comes with the game? The manual states that the following 4 abilities are gained as soon as the 1st Shadowdancer level is gained:

Special Abilities:

  • Shadow Daze: You may inflict an illusory daze upon a target (1/day).
  • Summon Shadow*: You can summon a shadow (1/day).
  • Shadow Evade*: You gain concealment, damage reduction, and an AC bonus (3/day).
  • Hide in Plain Sight

The rest of the desciption mentions specific levels for other abilities. Since Hide in Plain Sight is gained at L1 Shadow Dancer, the manual infers that the others would be too.

(Rinimand, Thief 10, SD 1)

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