Actually (on paper), the AB is not really that big a problem for a high Wis Druid. Lets say you start with 16 Wis, and put all your level up points and 6 Epic Feats into Great Wis. At level 30, you end up with 16 + 7 level up + 6 Great Wis = 29 Wis. Now lets presume that you cast Owl's Insight for +15 to Wis. You end up with a buffed Wis of 44, or a Wis bonus of 17. The total AB of creeping Doom is then: 6+(17*2) = 40/35. Good enough to hit most monsters in the campaign, and it can even chew through heavily armored Tanks and Monks on low magic settings. On high magic PWs however, because you won't even scratch them. Another reason why the Druid works best on low magic settings.

The real problem with Creeping Doom rather is that its damage of 2d6 will have a hard time bypassing Damage Reduction. A Cleric with Stone Body has an uncapped 10/adamantine DR, that will soak up most of the damage. An Autostilled Arcane Caster can throw out Iron Body for uncapped 15/adamantine DR that will soak up all of the damage. A Dwarven defender with 3x Epic Damage Reduction also has 15/- DR. Most monsters in the Campaigns have significant DR, enough to take most of the bite out of Creeping Doom. JeminiZero 08:30, 4 April 2008 (UTC)

Except every 3rd swarm attack Creeping Doom will ignore any DR. I suspect this effect is similar to the bugged "flurries" of parry. Tyrtallows 17:18, 10 August 2009 (UTC)

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