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It is said that the average character level (ACL) determines the xp gained. The lower the group's ACL the lower the xp, I thought.

When I came to the part in the OC where one has to fight this big nasty red dragon, I tested this statement. My char was a lvl 15 Yuan-Ti Pureblood (maybe 16, but that does not matter), Khelgar was of lvl 17, of course. Together we gained about 700xp for killing the dragon. I then replayed this part but added two more lvl 17 companions, raising the ACL to 16.5, which I thought might make a difference. Well it did, the four-man party gained 1200xp.

Did I miss something? How can this be?

- Kane

There is an xp cap of 600 that is removed after a certain lvl so maybe that is the reason why you got more when you were higher lvl. 10:03, February 11, 2012 (UTC)Neekeri

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