Gundato - why did you remove the gameplay notes? They seemed quite useful. - Jasperre 07:56, 3 February 2007 (PST)

bow worse than melee weapon specialization Edit

Making the comment that 'many question his usefulness ...' should really be supported somehow but that is nearly impossible. It seems just a matter of opinion since use of bows may allow less overall damage per round but it's with 0 damage taken if the opponents have limited archery or magery. Personally my arcane archer at highest difficulty is a slaughtering machine in this module. 02:53, 2 May 2009 (UTC)

utterly useless in my game Edit

I got him into my party around level 9. He had two-weapon-fighting chosen as his ranger path and all his freely choosable feats (focus, improved critical, etc.) were for a longbow. So he's a complete and utter waste of party space. Too bad you can't get rid of him due to the story.

He's specialized in two-weapon fighting. -.- And isn't the earliest level to get him level 8?

Reply: As a strength focused ranger he probably won't do to bad. I got him at level 5. So that leaves at least 2 usefull favored enemies, 3 usefull statspoints and 4 usefull feats to choose from. With favored powerattack (2x) and improved powerattack (2 feats) he will wreak some serious havoc against those two favored enemies.

You get him at a low level by choosing a class that can cast invisibility. This allows you to walk unseen past most enemies (recast or regulp potion, when you are revealed by dialogue). Take the shadowthiefpath and lure lure the Githyanki away from the tomes they are guarding in the library (you still will reach level 4 by forcefully completing quests along the way)

I got level 5 by killing some orcs you have to beat before you can pass beyond Casavir all the Githyanki at Shandra's farm (which are necessary for the plot to continue). Maybe if you manage to receive a little less xp by taking a second non favored second class at level 4 you can manage to get him just before level 5. Which would be very usefull as it would allow him to specialise to take outsiders as a favored enemy at level 5, the predominant enemy at hand at that moment.

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