TabularFramework (2DA Editor & TLK Editor)

It`s combined 2DA-Editor and TLK-editor with many extra features. All original 2DA and dialog.tlk are imported in an internal database at first start - for quick access. While editing your 2DA TabularFramework always displays the corresponding TLK Entry as readable text in the status bar - from both dialog.tlk and your custom.tlk! If tlks are loaded the entry is shown there, too.

You can easily import an original 2DA and save as it as own 2DA and immediately edit it. To give you a better overview you can fix several columns (always displayed left side) and/or hide columns you don`t nead at the moment. The program saves this option per each filename, so it`s works with original and your own 2DA!

Copy and Paste rows between different files. Delete (fill with ****) complete rows....

Compare 2DA and TLK files, find real differences (equal rows are shown once!). HTML Report in your browser, make files easys printable.

(You are able to define the text of the Hex-entries for spells/classes yourself. )

Downloadtool at nwvault:

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