The Survival skill will allow you to detect hostile enemies on the minimap.

Modifying ability: Wisdom

Classes: Barbarian, Druid, Ranger, Spirit shaman; Arcane archer, Frenzied berserker, Harper agent, Stormlord

Requires training: No

Check: Unknown if it uses any DC checks. According to Designer George Ziets [1], survival "expands the range you can see hostile creatures on the minimap, while in Tracking mode. Any character can activate Tracking mode, but only characters with the Track feat and points in the Survival skill are going to get much value from it."

Use: Selected (tracking mode)

NWN comparisonEdit

  • This skill did not exist in NWN
  • The map window in NWN showed party members, animal companions, summoned creatures, and familiars, but not hostile opponents.

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