Icon Suppress
Type of feat
Devour Spirit
Required for

Rather than giving in to your hunger for spirits, you opt to suppress it, restoring a small quantity of energy to your spirit energy bar and reducing Craving. Performing this action in the presence of spirits (within 20m radius), being a superior act of willpower, grants a small bonus to your spirit-energy based upon the number of spirits present. This ability may not be used on the same day as any devour-based ability.

May be used once per day.

Gameplay Notes

This avility restores 5% max spirit energy, reduces Craving by 3%. If spirits are nearby (in 20 feet radius, includes hostile, friendly and summoned spirits), then it gives bonus 2% spirit energy per spirit, up to 5 spirits.

Since having lowest possible Craving level uses 1% spirit energy per hour, or 8% per rest, you may endlessly replenish your spirit energy without any need to hurry by summoning elementals and using this ability with them nearby, then resting, then repeating this until you will have 92% after another rest. Otherwise, you may travel short ways (like 2 days) and then use Suppress, as going in another area counts as resting, but uses less in-game hours.


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