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Type: Roleplay
Required Expansions: MotB/SoZ
Autodownloader: Yes
Direct Connection Address:
Status: Online

Sundren is a fictional land located South of Icewind Dale in the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting for Dungeons and Dragons. For indepth information on Sundren, please visit our wiki.

Although a roleplay server by nature, Sundren prides itself on a diverse balance of playstyles. In Sundren, group/party exploration is encouraged and at most times necessary to accomplish a given goal. Sundren's key style is between Dungeon Master events interaction, as well as detailed rich areas with scripted quests. Player versus Player Combat (PvP) is also possible on the server, with only a few rules in order to prevent griefing and/or abuse.

In order to better serve our players, we have a special help forum available to resolve disputes and address concerns. Please be patient whenever asking for help from a staff member as we take time out of our busy day in order to help you for free.

What makes Sundren unique? Simple: design.

Each area in Sundren is carefully created and planned to strict specifications. They are tested and optimized to maintain a balance between aesthetics and performance. Sundren's team is composed of various people each with different skills and roles that allow us to efficiently and reliably create detailed rich environments that are interactive and fun to roleplay in. Check out our gallery to see more.

Custom ContentEdit

Custom Prestige ClassesEdit

  • Combat Medic
  • Dark Hunter
  • Darkwood Stalker
  • Dreadmaster of Bane
  • Heartwarder
  • Ice Fury of Auril
  • Mage Killer
  • Master of Many Forms
  • Mystic Theurge
  • Nature's Warrior
  • Samurai
  • Thayan Knight

There are also many custom Feats, Spells and Skills and a newly developed Crafting System.

External linksEdit

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