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Spellsinger of Candlekeep


  • No preparing spells
  • Healing and Evocation magic
  • Very strong spells
  • Good diplomat, bluffer or intimidator


  • Low Fortitude and Reflex saves
  • Jack of Trades

This build is made in order to not get killed by creatures in the game while obliterating your enemies in voracious magic while healing yourself or others.

Character CreationEdit

STR 14 22
DEX 20 27
CON 8 10
INT 10 12
WIS 8 8
CHA 18 22
Base attack bonus 26
Fortitude save 26
Reflex save 28
Will save 20
Spell resistance 41
Hit Points 320
Natural AC 24

Background: wild child


Very quick progression, easy access to many useful feats, can become ridiculously hard to hit

CL Class Feat Bonus/Class Feats Attributes
1 Bard Able Learner, Power Attack
2 Swashbuckler Weapon Finesse
3 Cleric Divine Might Weapon Focus Rapier, Toughness
4 Swashbuckler Grace +1 Charisma +1
5 Swashbuckler Insightful strike
6 Red Dragon Disciple Tower Shield proficiency
7 Red Dragon Disciple
8 Red Dragon Disciple Charisma +1
9 Red Dragon Disciple Dodge
10 Red Dragon Disciple
11 Red Dragon Disciple
12 Red Dragon Disciple Combat Expertise Charisma +1
13 Red Dragon Disciple
14 Red Dragon Disciple
15 Red Dragon Disciple Improved Combat Expertise
16 Swashbuckler Charisma +1
17 Swashbuckler Swashbuckler dodge +1
18 Swashbuckler
19 Swashbuckler Mobility
20 Swashbuckler Improved Flanking Charisma +1
21 Swashbuckler Epic Divine Might
22 Swashbuckler Swashbuckler Dodge +2
23 Swashbuckler Great Charisma Grace+2, Lucky
24 Swashbuckler Charisma +1
25 Swashbuckler Great Charisma Acrobatic Skill Mastery
26 Swashbuckler Weakening Critical
27 Swashbuckler Great Charisma Swashbuckler Dodge +3
28 Swashbuckler Charisma +1
29 Swashbuckler Improved Critical, Rapier Slippery Mind
30 Swashbuckler

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