The Steel Rain, like the other variations it is based upon, is meant to maximize the number of attacks per round as well as provide an incredible base armor class and saves. Unlike some other variants however, this allows for more optional feats, greater range of alignments and better end saves.


STR 8 8
DEX 18 26
CON 12 12
INT 18 18
WIS 14 14
CHA 10 10
Base attack bonus 27
Fortitude save 20
Reflex save 25
Will save 14
Spell resistance 41
Hit Points 306
Natural AC 32

Race of Choice: Drow

Why? Drow, while suffering from some annoying penalties, get a spell resistance which makes them absolutely incredible near the end game, resisting almost any spell tossed at them. AC and spell resistance together turns you into an incredible opponent. Likewise, the racial statistic bonuses are used here to give the high starting ability scores.

Lawful is required for monk levels, however this particular build will let you be evil, good, or neutral. Bring on the roleplaying for tastes.


Skill Points: I will leave these mostly to you, however the Duelist will require ranks of parry and tumble, so keep those in mind while advancing through classes. However, to maximize their usage, save all skill points earned as a Fighter except 1; you should earn six points per level, can only have five in reserve as you level up otherwise you cannot progress. Put that single point somewhere and save the remainder for your monk levels so you can distribute to more abilities. Namely diplomacy, tumble and parry; these are necessary for Duelist but will also help you progress in the campaigns.

CL Class Feat Bonus/Class Feats Attributes
1 Monk 1 Luck of Heroes
2 Fighter 1 Weapon Focus (Kama)
3 Monk 2 Dodge
4 Fighter 2 Weapon Finesse DEX 19
5 Monk 3
6 Fighter 3 Two Weapon Fighting
7 Monk 4
8 Fighter 4 Weapon Specialization (Kama) DEX 20
9 Monk 5 Improved Two Weapon Fighting
10 Fighter 5
11 Monk 6
12 Fighter 6 Mobility, Combat Expertise DEX 21
13 Monk 7
14 Fighter 7
15 Monk 8 Greater Two Weapon Fighting
16 Fighter 8 Greater Weapon Focus (Kama) DEX 22
17 Monk 9
18 Fighter 9 Optional
19 Monk 10
20 Duelist 1 DEX 23
21 Duelist 2 Epic Prowess
22 Duelist 3
23 Duelist 4 Combat Insight
24 Duelist 5 DEX 24
25 Fighter 10 Epic Weapon Focus (Kama), Great DEX DEX 25
26 Monk 11
27 Fighter 11 Perfect Two Weapon Fighting
28 Monk 12 DEX 26
29 Divine Champion 1 Armor Skin
30 Divine Champion 2 Optional

There you have it. At level 30, you have a natural AC of 32 with two kamas equipped.

You have a BAB of 27. Your saves are as follows: Fortitude: 20 Reflex: 25 Will: 14 With Flurry of Blows active, you have a Not Applicable number of attacks… so you hit an awful lot. You have a natural Spell Resistance of 41. You have an astounding number of default class feats. Precise strike only works with a single weapon in hand, however, we used the duelist class to get the AC bonus, not the bonus abilities.


Author: Heldenbrand

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