Stargate teleporter


I needed a script that could teleport the PC from location to another, similar to the way the StarGate system works. ie. The PC comes across a LandGate and notes down the combination of that gate, I chose colours determined by placing coloured shafts of light in a Menhir with a Dial placeable in the middle. Upon clicking the Dial, you start a conversation with it which allows you to key in 3 colour codes and then will teleport you to the destination if it is valid. Unlike a portal stone this allows you to teleport to any destination, provided you know it's combination designation.


Step 1

Create Waypoints in the module using the tag format "WP_xxx" where xxx is the desired WP combination, letters numbers, colours, whatever you like.

Step 2

Create a Dial next to the WP or another placeable you want to activate the portal with. The Dial placeable is ideal. Tag doesn't matter.

Step 3

Modify the Dial properties so that it is Useable and Plot (So it can't be destroyed, you don't want people doing that!)

Step 4

Create a script for the Dial in OnUsed() with the command ActionStartConversation (GetLastUsedBy()) to initiate conversation. eg.

void main()
    ActionStartConversation (GetLastUsedBy());

Step 5

Create a convseration file and use the SetLocalString in conversation to set the dialed values on the PC. Use ActionTaken to set the individual the values as they are keyed. I used individual scripts with names like "dial_value1_b", "dial_value3_g" etc.

void main()
    // DialValue1 = First Value
    // DialValue2 = Second Value
    // DialValue3 = Third Value
    // B = Blue, G = Green, R = Red or whatever else you want as a combination
    SetLocalString (GetPCSpeaker(), "DialValue1", "B");

Step 6

Call the following script "dial_activate" at the end of the conversation, both on normal end and aborted conversation. It doesn't matter because the script checks for valud combinations anyway.

// LandGate
// By Paul Pritsis
// November 2002
#include "NW_I0_GENERIC"
void main()
    // Get DialValues based on conversation script with the Sundial.
    string DialValue = GetLocalString (GetPCSpeaker(), "DialValue1") +
                       GetLocalString (GetPCSpeaker(), "DialValue2") +
                       GetLocalString (GetPCSpeaker(), "DialValue3");
    // Set destination Waypoint Tag
    string DestWP = "WP_Dial" + DialValue;
    location DestLocation = GetLocation (GetWaypointByTag(DestWP));
    // Set Valid Portal combinations
    // R = Red, G = Green, B = Blue
    // Change Counter to match total number of combinations
    int Counter = 4;
    SetLocalString (GetPCSpeaker(), "ValidWP1", "RRR");
    SetLocalString (GetPCSpeaker(), "ValidWP2", "RRG");
    SetLocalString (GetPCSpeaker(), "ValidWP3", "RRB");
    SetLocalString (GetPCSpeaker(), "ValidWP4", "GRR");
    // Scan ValidWP values for match
    int JumpOk = 0;
        string ValidWPValue = GetLocalString (GetPCSpeaker(), "ValidWP" + IntToString (Counter));
        if (ValidWPValue == DialValue)
            JumpOk = 1;
        Counter = Counter - 1;
    while (Counter > 0);
    // Valid DialValue found
    if (JumpOk == 1)
        // Display Visual Effect & Wait Before Jumping
        SpeakString ("Activating Portal");
        PlaySound ("as_mg_telepin1");
        ApplyEffectToObject (DURATION_TYPE_INSTANT, EffectVisualEffect (VFX_IMP_HOLY_AID), GetPCSpeaker());
        AssignCommand (GetPCSpeaker(), DelayCommand (2.0, JumpToLocation (DestLocation)));
        SpeakString ("Invalid Chevron Combination");

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