Type: Spear Weight: 6 pound(s)
Dmg Type: Piercing Size: Large
Critical: 20/x3 Damage: 1D8
Feats: Simple, Druid, Spirit Shaman
Found: ???


Another of history's most basic weapons, the spear is nevertheless a formidable weapon. Little more that a simple shaft topped with a sharpened head, the spear is the staple of many a militia.

Note: Spears are among the few weapons that are made from wood. A spear made from duskwood has 40% weight reduction, while a spear made from zalantar has +1 magical damage bonus. Since the crafting molds for spears in NWN2 do not use metal ingots, they cannot be made with cold iron, alchemical silver, or adamantine for bypassing damage reduction.

Favored weaponEdit

The following deities favor the spear:

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