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The Hall-of-Fame award-winning Sojourney team that brought to life the Forgotten Realms' City of Waterdeep, the stunning terror of the dungeons of Undermountain, and the breathtaking beauty of the Silver Marches and the cities of Sundabar and Silverymoon now brings you


As NWN2 approaches, Sojourney will change its focus to The Bloodstone Lands set in the tense politics and dangerous times of the nations of Vaasa and Damara. The northern Vaasan tundra pocketed with bands of dangerous creatures and the whisper of darker things, the dwarven halls and mines of the Galena mountain range ring with hammer and anvil amid dire concerns, and the political maelstrom of the cities of Damara are a constant source of intrigue - all of it carrying on in the shadow of the memory of the Witch-King Zhengyi!

To lead up to the arrival of NWN2, Sojourney is building a "prequel" for The Bloodstone Lands in NWN1 that will be on line shortly.

Sojourney boasts a large number of old-school DMs with many accumulated years of gaming experience. Whether by DM-led campaign or spontaneous one-shot adventures, their story-crafting and adventurous ideas will keep you wanting more. The static quests alone are more than enough to fill any adventure-seeking enthusiast's evening, so there is something for everyone.

On an additional note, our sister PW server,, will be rebuilding the glorious Underdark city as well in NWN2.
The web site for Sojourney: The Bloodstone Lands' forums are active. Sojourney's current web site is found here.

--Dragonstar 06:57, 29 March 2006 (PST)

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