*void*1Row's ID (unique)-
LabelConcentrationIndicative name of the skill-
Name271StrRef of the skill's name"Concentration"
Description346StrRef of the skill's description-
Iconisk_concenSkill's iconTarga (*.tga), 40x40, 24 Bits Per Pixel.
Untrained11 = must be trained to use this skill, 0 = useable when untrained-
KeyAbilityCONWhich ability score (STR, DEX, CON, WIS, INT, CHA) is primary used by this skill-
ArmorCheckPenalty01 = skill have armor check penalty, 0 = does not have-
AllClassesCanUse11 = all classes can use, 0 = cannot used by all classes-
Category****Not used (looks like it)-
MaxCR****Maximum challenge rating-
ConstantSKILL_CONCENTRATIONConstant for scripting-
HostileSkill01 = Skill is hostile, 0 = skill is not hostile-
CosmopolitanFeat1313Row ID to feat.2daAt least it looks like it.

The feat.2da contains FEAT_COSMOPOLITAN_* feats. But the row ID is different. For example: 1313 is FEAT_EXTRA_SLOT_SORCERER_LEVEL0. Valid value would be 1254 (FEAT_COSMOPOLITAN_CONCENTRATION).

IsAnActiveSkill01 = is 'activeable' skill (like Disable Trap), 0 = is not-
ToggleMode****Toggles mode. Row ID to combatmodes.2daNote: in 1.06.973, the combatmodes.2da contains invalid data for 2da file format.
PlayerOnly01 = Can only be used by PC, 0 = PC and NPC can useAll conversation related skills (Persuade, Diplomacy, Bluff and Intimidate) and Appraise are player only.
Removed01 = Removed skill, 0 = not removed skill-

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