Sheva Whitefeather

Sheva Whitefeather, the wychlaran

Sheva Whitefeather (female chaotic good human cleric/sorcerer) is an NPC in the Mask of the Betrayer expansion campaign.

"Though this woman's hair is gray, and her dress unadorned, she wears an elaborate mask... suggesting a high status amongst the sisterhood of Rashemi witches."

Mask of the BetrayerEdit

Sheva Whitefeather is the ranking wychlaran of Mulsantir, a powerful hathran who acts as the city's de facto head of government. She, along with Kazimika Vadoi and Katya, oversee most activities that occur in the city. When Okku arrived at the city gates with a spirit army hot on the trail of the PC & Safiya, the three wychlaran confronted the two outside the Veil Theater. As they had just eliminated several Red Wizard infiltrators who attacked the theater, they decided to be lenient and offered to let them recruit any prisoners bound for the gallows when facing Okku's rage.

After facing Okku and learning of the spirit eater affliction, the PC returns to Sheva. Though distrustful of his/her accursed state, she suggests the player seek out the Wood Man in Ashenwood if he/she wishes to try to learn how to end the curse, and offers to let party use a witchboat to travel to the Lake of Tears Garrison.

If the player restored the Wood Man (and the Ashenwood), regardless of the fate of the garrison, Sheva and the other wychlaran will apologize for their earlier hostile attitude and reward the player with an amulet. However, if the player devoured the Wood Man, they will not want anything more to do with the PC.

Unlike Kazimika, Sheva is quite open-minded, patient, and considerate. As such, the player can speak with her about numerous matters within Rashemen, and she'll let him/her barter with Katya for priestly merchandise. The wychlaran commune with spirits at the Temple of the Three and are well aware of all that occurs in the city. But they are not as aware of what occurs in Shadow Mulsantir, which many use for clandestine purposes, and the player can help her in a side quest to root out spies infiltrating through the shadow portals.


  • Sheva was voiced by Laraine Newman.

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