ShatteredSwords nwn2 gameworld
Shattered Swords
Type: Roleplay Persistent World
Language: English
Status: Offline

Shattered Swords is set in the Silver Marches, part of the northern wilderness of Fearun, within the Forgotten Realms. It is the year of shadows, 1358, and the darkest age of Fearun's history has begun - The Time of Troubles. The gods have been cast out by Lord Ao, chief of them, and stripped of their divinity, unable to leave Toril.

With the Gods cast out in Mortal form, the Weave – the magic of Fearun – has begun to act strangely. Even the simplest spells can warp into something wondrous, or deadly. Strange things happen around the world; Forests appear overnight, then vanish within days.

As the Gods themselves battle amongst each other, settling their millennia long disputes, and try to find a way back, the call for Heroes grows louder each day. Destinies will be forged, the face of the lands changed, and new gods may arise from the deaths of the old.

This is a roleplay focused persistent world with swashbuckling action thrown in – much more exciting than complaining in a tavern about the troubles of the world. There will be hordes of monsters to vanquish, deadly challenges such as traps, puzzles and other classic D&D features, and great rewards to be had. With the god of the death made mortal, death itself is acting strangely, and heroes who should have been slain outright comes back to life, leaving no permanent death.

Experience the wonders of the Forgotten Realms. You will find adventure, or adventure will find you...

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