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Shattered Souls: Atlantis
Type: Persistent World
Language: English
Staff: Knightmare (administrator)
Ima Dufus (administrator)
Xaos (administrator)
Status: Offline

The makers of the Shattered Souls bring to you Shattered Souls - Atlantis, a completely new and unique setting designed by the builders themselves for Neverwinter Nights 2.


Known World Map Small

Centuries ago armies from Atlantis launched an invasion of the Greek Isles. Centuries ago the Greeks were steadily conquered until one army from the plains of Attica stood against the Atlantians. Centuries ago Athena, the Warrior Queen, lead the Athenians and drove back the Atlantians to where they came from. Centuries ago the world of Atlantis dissapeared along with the entire Athenian army.

Six hundred years later these events are but a distant memory to most people. On the young planet of Mu a small city state grows into an empire stronger than any seen in the world before it.

Watch the world unfold before your very eyes as you witness the fall of an empire. Help explore the world, travel to places that haven't been touched by a single humanoid. Meet alien races that have never been seen by any one. The world is yours to discover and shape.

Server contentEdit

  • a unique setting
  • a largely role-play environment where you shape the world
  • NPC and PC guilds

More information to come as the developers develop. Details will be made available at the site and here.

The Gods of MuEdit

  • Zeron The Guardian
  • Molhern The Teacher
  • Lakuna The Timeless
  • Charista The Siren
  • Chun The Unavoidable
  • Margosa The Fathomless
  • Kotan The Warrior
  • Ixenax The Deceiver
  • Symol The Cunning

The Guilds of MuEdit

A list of guilds that are finished.

  • Academy Arcanum
  • The Shadows of the Dark
  • The Black Spiders
  • Captain Jorral's Mercenaries
  • The Order of the Good Heart
  • The Crimson Wolves

The originalEdit

The original Shattered Souls is set in the Lands of Intrigue, right after the fall of Murann to Ogre Mage.

Joining the Shattered SoulsEdit

The Shattered Souls team is a group dedicated to bringing you the best we can. We're always interested in accepting new people on the team (through an application process), and are always open to suggestions from any one.

The current developers of the Atlantis project are:

  • Knightmare (administrator)
  • Ima Dufus (administrator)
  • Xaos (administrator)
  • Dolomel
  • Jax
  • shatteredshadows
  • Gromph
  • Elmarand
  • DespondentSeraph
  • VictorDC
  • Kaotiqua
  • BenAthar

External linksEdit

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