// SetIsCompanionPossessionBlocked
// Created By: Brock Heinz - OEI
// Created On: 12/16/05
// Description: Sets a flag on the creature as to whether the player can possess it. 
//  This can block the player from possessing the creature as a companion. 
//  If the player is currently controlling this creature, he will be
//  forced to control his original, owned creature.
//  Note that this doesn't block out other types of possession (i.e. by a DM)
//  Also, you can't block the player from possing their owned creature. 
// Arguments:    
//  oCreature - The creature which you want to set the possession flag. 
//              This creature doesn't need to currently be a companion, 
//              but it CAN'T be a player owned character
//  bBlocked -  The state of the blocked flag (should be TRUE or FALSE)
void SetIsCompanionPossessionBlocked( object oCreature, int bBlocked );

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