// Sets the fog color in the area specified.
// nFogType = FOG_TYPE_* specifies wether the Sun, Moon, or both fog types are set.
// nFogColor = FOG_COLOR_* specifies the color the fog is being set to.
// The fog color can also be represented as a hex RGB number if specific color shades
// are desired.
// The format of a hex specified color would be 0xFFEEDD where
// FF would represent the amount of red in the color
// EE would represent the amount of green in the color
// DD would represent the amount of blue in the color.
// If no valid area (or object) is specified, it uses the area of caller.
// If an object other than an area is specified, will use the area that the object is currently in.
void SetFogColor(int nFogType, int nFogColor, object oArea=OBJECT_INVALID)

WARNING: This function is missing from NWN2 and thus any script which is imported that uses this function will fail to compile. It is believed that the SetFog() function should be used instead.

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