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Ig e sehanine

Sehanine Moonbow

Alias(es): Daughter of the Night Skies, the Luminous Cloud, Lady of Dreams
Power: Intermediate deity
Pantheon: The Seldarine (Elf)
Symbol: Misty crescent above a full moon
Alignment: Chaotic good
Cleric alignment: CG, CN, NG
Portfolio: Mysticism, dreams, death, journeys, transcendence, the moon, the stars, the heavens, moon elves
Worshippers: Diviners, elves, half-elves, opponents of the undead
Canon NWN2 domains: Chaos  Good  Knowledge  Travel  
Other canon domains: Elf, Illusion, Moon
Favoured weapon (NWN2): Quarterstaff - "Moonshaft"
Allies: The Seldarine
Enemies: Dark Seldarine, Auril, Cyric, Malar, Talos, Umberlee

Sehanine symbol

Symbol of Sehanine

Sehanine Moonbow (seh-ha-neen moon-boe) rarely concerns herself directly with events in Faerûn aside from weaving illusions around secret elven retreats and guiding elves coming to those lands. Her power waxes and wanes with the phases of the moon, growing strongest when the moon is full. As befits the elven goddess of mysteries, Sehanine is cloaked in secrets and illusions and rarely speaks her mind directly, preferring to communicate through a process of dreams, visions and other mystic experiences.

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