Richard Taylor is a Programmer at Obsidian Entertainment. Richard graduated from CSUSB with a bachelor's in Computer Science before completing one of the first MUCKs, ProtoMUCK. After teaching SPARC assembly at CSUSB, Richard had a brief stint at Blizzard before joining Black Isle Studios as a programmer on the unreleased Baldur's Gate 3. Richard left to join his former comrades at Obsidian shortly thereafter.

Richard Taylor has been confirmed not have been the following: a philosopher, the surgeon general, a physicist, a politician, a skater, the head of Weta Workshop, a musician, or a mathematician. The word is still out on whether he was ever a Confederate General during the American Civil War, and the wiki community is currently investigating this tantalizing possibillity.

Richard now maintains a blog where he posts technical information about the NWN2 engine.

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