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Official release dateEdit

The release date was the 31 October 2006 [1].

Original release dateEdit

The official NWN2 release date was originally listed as "summer 2006", and Obsidian stated that they were "shooting for a June 2006" release. However, over time, the original date seemed less and less likely, and game stores and the media started estimating a September release. An increasing number of hints were dropped concerning the changing release date before Atari announced the September revised date. [2] [3]

In early July 2006, a journalist from the French magazine Joystick stated that the game is far from finished and speculated that the game may not be released in September. [4] On 18 July, Atari announced that the release date was being pushed back another month to 17 October 2006 in the United States and 20 October in Europe. "Given the sheer size and scope of Neverwinter Nights 2 and its 50 to 60-hour single player campaign, it was decided to move the global release date of Neverwinter Nights 2 out a month to late October," Atari said in a statement. [5] [6] [7]

In mid September 2006, NWVault revealed that the release date was pushed back to Halloween, October 31st, 2006 [8].

Estimated release datesEdit

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Below, for posterity, are the older estimated release dates by global location and web site.

If a release location was unspecified, then the business location of that web site was used. If the business location was also unspecified, then it's assumed that it was a global release date (in most cases US/EU only).

Note: The release dates given by those web sites were assumptions by them and thus they weren't official release dates given by Obsidian, and on a further note, some of the following sites listed have since either removed or changed their estimated/listed dates.

Global/Unspecified Edit

North America Edit

Released at 31st October

South America Edit

There was a release date by Atari Brazil once, but the site is gone.

Europe Edit

Germany: Released at 2nd November

United Kingdoms: Released at 2nd November

France: Released at 2nd November

Australia Edit

Asia Edit

Release Dates too inaccurate.