Regeneration enables a creature to regain hit points faster than normal. At the beginning of each turn the creature heals a number of hit points equal to the Regeneration value. Regeneration abilities stack with each other.

Weapons with Vampiric Regeneration enchantments only regenerate hitpoints when striking a opponent.

Gameplay NotesEdit

It's possible in Mask of the Betrayer to have enormous regeneration each round.

  • Some regeneration items found or created in MOTB are:
    • Ashenring: Ring (must restore the woodman), +4 regeneration,
    • Thicketfavors: Gloves, Bonus Lvl 9 Druid Spell, +3 regeneration, +6 wisdom, +2 saves. Requires at least 15 Use Magic Device, or an appropriate class(Druid/Spirit Shaman/Ranger).
    • Faraneyth's Redemption: Belt, +4 ac, +8 regeneration, +4 will saves.
    • Heart of Rashemen: Ring (must defeat the spirit badger at the Ice Troll Lodge), +5 regeneration, Haste, Freedom of Movement, Improved Evasion
    • Any Shield: custom enchantment +8 regeneration.
    • Any Armor/Robe: custom enchantment +8 regeneration.

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