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Rashemen map

Map of Rashemen as seen in Mask of the Betrayer

In the eldest, untouched places of the world, the land itself is alive with spirits, who are sometimes revered as minor gods. One such place is Rashemen, where spirits take the form of long-dead beasts and guardians, such as the fearsome bear king, Okku, and the legendary Wood Man.

Located in the Unapproachable East, Rashemen is a magocratic gynarchy, land of the famous Witches of Rashemen. The 650,000 people of Rashemen are almost all humans. It is ruled from the capital of Immilmar, where the ruler called the Iron Lord resides. However, the true power in Rashemen are the elite witches known as the hathran.

Rashemen has been at near constant odds with the country of Thay. Their Red Wizard rulers have been trying to conquer the country and its magical wealth for around five hundred years and have convinced their citizens that Rashemen is a debased country. However, the Red Wizards make a lot of mistakes and are too concerned with infighting to present Rashemen and its people with more of a serious threat.

The Mask of the Betrayer expansion primarily takes place in southern Rashemen, near the city of Mulsantir.

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