Raging Swordsman

STR 16 20
DEX 20 25
CON 12 12
INT 10 10
WIS 8 8
CHA 10 10
Base attack bonus 29
Fortitude save 20
Reflex save 17
Will save 9
Spell resistance 41
Hit Points 382
Natural AC 19

Description Edit

Why make this character? I wanted an alternative to the Power Ranger build and this is what I came up with. It uses a warrior for its base instead of a ranger and tosses in one Bard level for utility but is otherwise very similar. The primary difference is that this character can use any kind of armor and since the dex rating is relatively high, the difference in AC gained from either heavy or light armor is minimal, and so armor choice comes down to personal preference in the end, whereas a Power ranger can only use light armor and still be effective. Additionally, this character has a slightly higher dps potential (the extra frenzied berserker levels and weapon specializations add more than the extra strength of a Power ranger build), and more AC though it is definitely not a tank. One thing the Power ranger build has going for it that is a lot better than this build is the number of skills allowed. As this build has no ranger levels and only one bard level, the skills one can take using it are very limited.

Why a drow? The Drow race allows you to start with 20 dexterity, thus allowing you to get perfect two-weapon fighting as soon as it is available, at level 21. An Air Genasi, Tiefling, or a Wood Elf would also work just fine. Both the Air Genasi and Wood Elf would make leveling slightly easier, as a Wood Elf takes no racial level penalties and an Air Genasi takes no level penalties from their fighter class, as it is a favored one. However, Drow and Tieflings get the racial spell darkness which works great when combined with blind-fight and Drow also get 41 spell resistance which is a great advantage over the other classes, when it comes to fighting casters. Drow level the slowest, which is the negative side of choosing the race. In the end, any of the above races will work just fine, albeit with some minor adjustments.    

Level Progression
Level   Class                                        Feat                                                                  Class Feat                                                           Ability Bonus      
1 Fighter 1

Weapon Proficiency (Exotic), Weapon Focus (Bastard Sword)

2 Fighter 2

Blind Fight

3 Fighter 3 Power Attack N/A N/A
4 Fighter 4 Cleave N/A DEX +1
5 Fighter 5 N/A N/A N/A
6 Fighter 6 Weapon Specialization (Bastard Sword), Two-Weapon Fighting N/A N/A
7 Fighter 7 N/A N/A N/A
8 Fighter 8 Great Cleave N/A DEX +1
9 Fighter 9 Greater Weapon Focus (Bastard Sword) N/A N/A
10 Fighter 10 Improved Two-Weapon Fighting N/A N/A
11 Fighter 11 N/A N/A N/A
12 Fighter 12 Greater Weapon Specialization (Bastard Sword), Greater Two-Weapon Fighting N/A DEX +1
13 Frenzied Berserker 1 N/A Frenzy N/A
14 Frenzied Berserker 2 N/A Supreme Cleave N/A
15 Frenzied Berserker 3 Extend Rage N/A N/A
16 Frenzied Berserker 4 N/A Deathless Frenzy DEX +1
17 Frenzied Berserker 5 N/A Enhanced Power Attack N/A
18 Frenzied Berserker 6 Improved Power Attack Inspire Frenzy N/A
19 Frenzied Berserker 7 N/A N/A N/A
20 Frenzied Berserker 8 N/A Greater Frenzy DEX +1
21 Fighter 13 Perfect Two-Weapon Fighting N/A N/A
22 Fighter 14 Epic Weapon Focus (Bastard Sword) N/A N/A
23 Fighter 15 Epic Weapon Specialization (Bastard Sword) N/A N/A
24 Frenzied Berserker 9 N/A N/A STR +1
25 Frenzied Berserker 10 Great Strength (+1) Supreme Power Attack N/A
26 Barbarian 1 N/A Barbarian Fast Movement, Barbarian Rage N/A
27 Barbarian 2 Great Strength (+2) Uncanny Dodge N/A
28 Barbarian 3 N/A Trap Sense STR +1
29 Fighter 16 Epic Prowess, Blinding Speed N/A N/A
30 Bard 1 N/A Cure Minor Wounds, Daze, Flare, Resistance, Bardic Knowledge, Inspiration, Inspire Courage, Counter Song, Fascinate N/A

Skills: Intimidate to 33, tumble to 20, perform to 3, and the rest are your choice


Potential Attack & Damage:

At lvl 30, with all self-buffs (Rage, Frenzy, Enhanced Power Attack, Inspire Courage, Blinding Speed) and epic Bastard Swords:

Main Hand: +44/+44/+39/+34/+29/+24/+19

      1-10 +29

      + 8 physical     

      + 5d6 fire     

      + 5d6 cold     

      + 5d6 electricity

Off Hand: +44/+39/+34/+29/+24/+19

      1-10 +23

      + 8 physical     

      + 5d6 fire     

      + 5d6 cold     

      + 5d6 electricity

Main Hand Damage: 7 * ( 5.5 + 29 + 8 + 3 * 5 * 3.5 )               

                         = 665

Off Hand Damage : 6 * ( 5.5 + 23 + 8 + 3 * 5 * 3.5 )               

                         = 534

Total Damage   == 1199

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