Monk 13/Cleric 2/Sacred Fist 10/Assassin 5

This is a role playing build (check the discussion page) so don't expect anything too amazing though it does have a few tricks up its sleeve.


  • 10 Cleric Ranks means it has some nice buffs especially Divine Power, and Battle Tide
  • Decent damage with unarmed attacks and the occasional death attack bonus
  • High AC
  • Fun to play sneaking up on an enemy followed by bursting into flames using Blazing Aura and/or Sacred Flames is always fun


  • Experience Penalty (unless you go with Human)
  • The OC still doesn't have enchants for gloves (as far as I know)
  • Doesn't do any one thing all that great
  • No social skills

Character CreationEdit

Race: Wood Elf or Human

Classes: Monk 13/Cleric 2/Sacred Fist 10/Assassin 5

Stats are for Wood Elf:

AttributeInitial valueFinal value
WIS 18 26
CHA 8 8


If the assassin levels don't do anything for you drop them and put two levels into Monk (for an AC boost) and the rest into Cleric (for more spell levels). Makes the build very vanilla though

I actually created this character using Kaedrin's Custom pack (which has a class identical to assassin only Lawful instead of evil) if you want to play this build non-evil I suggest you check it out.

I saved up to 5 skill points during my Sacred Fist levels and then used Monk levels to add to Hide/Move Silently. I ended up with 8 Lore (Sacred Fist Requirement), 30 Tumble, 28 Hide, 28 Move Silently with a few points left over.

Progression TableEdit

Level Class Feat Free Feat Stat

1 Monk 1 Power Attack AC bonus, Flurry of blows, Improved unarmed strike, Stunning fist

2 Monk 2 Deflect Arrow, Evasion

3 Monk 3 Cleave Monk Speed, Still Mind

4 Monk 4 Ki Strike +1 Wisdom

5 Monk 5 Purity of Body

6 Cleric 1 Combat Casting Domain: Luck, Domain: Time

7 Assassin 1 Death Attack

8 Monk 6 Improved Knockdown, Knockdown +1 Wisdom

9 Sacred Fist Circle Kick AC Bonus +1, Sacred Fist Fast Movement

10 Sacred Fist 2

11 Sacred Fist 3

12 Sacred Fist 4 Great Cleave +1 Wisdom

13 Sacred Fist 5 AC Bonus +2

14 Monk 7 Wholeness of Body

15 Sacred Fist 6 Extend Spell Uncanny Dodge

16 Sacred Fist 7 +1 Wisdom

17 Monk 8 Sacred Flames 1/day

18 Sacred Fist 8 Weapon Focus: Unarmed Strike Sacred Flames +2

19 Sacred Fist 9

20 Monk 9 Improved Evasion +1 Wisdom

21 Sacred Fist 10 Epic Prowess Inner Armor, AC Bonus +3

22 Monk 10 Ki Strike

23 Monk 11 Great Wisdom

24 Monk 12 +1 Wisdom

25 Monk 13 Blazing Aura Diamond Soul

26 Assassin 2 Ghostly Visage

27 Assassin 3 Power Critical: Unarmed Strike Death Attack 2d6

28 Assassin 4 +1 Wisdom

29 Assassin 5 Armor Skin Death Attack +3d6, Darkness, Improved Uncanny Dodge

30 Cleric 2


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