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The planetouched are mortal creatures whose ancestors were extraplanar creatures such as celestials, fiends, or elementals. Aasimar, tieflings, and genasi are the primary planetouched races.

Planetouched are considered native outsiders.


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  • Obsidian originally classified aasimar and tieflings as a human subrace, but later corrected them as planetouched. [1]
  • Planetouched creatures are not affected by turn undead in NWN2. [2] PnP planetouched lack the [good] and [evil] subtypes so they should not be effected by such.
  • Aasimars and tieflings will not receive weapon proficiency (simple) and weapon proficiency (martial) for free (as in PnP DnD). [3]
  • The aasimar and tieflings are playable in the original NWN2. Genasi were added as a playable races in the Mask of the Betrayer expansion.
  • Because the playable planetouched in Neverwinter Nights 2 are effected by spells targeting humanoids and do not gain the outsider weapon proficiencies, they are identical to the lesser planetouched, but are LA +1 like "full" planetouched.

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