ShapeStrengthDexterityConstitutionBase AC*Total AC*Base Damage*Bonus Hit Points
Phase Spider27272612202d6+1None
  • Base AC is the raw, natural AC of the creature and is not modified here by Dexterity or other bonuses. It is the AC of the form if caught flat-footed.
  • The Base AC of the forms listed with ## (##) indicate that the form has a size modifier to AC. The first number is AC based upon the Natural AC bonus of the creature. The number in parenthesis is the AC adjusted because of size (large = -1, small = +1, tiny = +2)
  • Total AC is the form's AC that includes it's Dexterity bonus.
  • Base Damage may have multiple damages listed. Secondary and Tertiary damages apply to the 2nd and 3rd attack per round only if the character has the ability to make such attacks. With less attacks per round, Secondary and Tertiary attacks do not occur.
  • The wildshape ability can be activated by right clicking on the character and selecting it under the druid abilities. However, doing it this way will not give the option to choose a shape and will always turn the player into a bear. To choose a shape put the Wildshape ability on the quickslot bar. Clicking on it there will make a list of available shapes pop up.

  • Immunity to mind effects, paralysis, fear.
  • Gets Improved evasion while shifted.
  • Magic Fang will affect phase spider (its already +1 enchanted) but not Jagged Tooth and other spells such as Flame Weapon and Magic Weapon.
  • The phase spider uses a "Creature Weapon" rather than a true unarmed strike. As such, some feats that grant bonuses specifically for unarmed strikes (such as Weapon Focus unarmed strike) do not apply in Wild Shape, while others do (such as Improved Critical). However all feats that grant bonuses to all attack (such as Epic Prowess) still apply. Further to this, because it uses a "Creature Weapon" rather than a "true" unarmed strike, if you have levels in Sacred fist, you take a -8 attack penalty for using a "weapon".

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