There are many utilities that are very helpful for running a persistent World. This is a brief overview.


Currently called NWNX4, NWNX allows connecting a module to a database, where persistent information can be stored. Official hooks were added to NWN2 by the developers to support this utility.

Kivinen's perl toolsEdit

The Kiniven's Perl Tools allow web admins to do linked websites that can be programmed to show players game information, as well as do automated tasked. The remap tool is very useful when a 2da file gets renumbered and you have to adjust the numbers inside the modules areas to match.

Toolset PluginsEdit

Using the toolset is a major part of running a persistent world.

SinPlugin Makes navigation easy among lots of other things

YATT For making areas based on grayscale maps

Powerbar Plugin

RePlug - old plugins re-released by tani

NWN2Mapper Allows painting an area tileset like you do on graph paper

NWN1 area tiles converter Imports tileset underground areas and contents from old nwn1 modules

Watermill - allows better working with water

Terracoppa - copying and rotating parts of areas from place to place

Vordan's Shop Wizard v1.3h

Vordan's Load Screen Viewer v1.6a

The Grinning Fool's Creature Creation Wizard

The Grinning Fool's Usability Tools Plugin

Weather Changer - Powerbar does this as well

SpellPlug, Spelling and Grammer Checker

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