Rogue 4 /Wizard 6 / Pale master 10 / Red Wizard of Thay 10

Well it took many unposted builds to find a good playable way for a rogue to use magic instead of weapons. This was the idea behind the "Trickster from Amn" which I quickly deleted after posting - it was more like a gimick than a rogue. The new build has no "Trickster" and no "Amn" in it, so it will have different name, too.

Although the Pale Rogue is somewhere between the Blood Scholar and the Dread Necromancer, it is something different. If you want to develop a character in this direction you'll eventually end up with using the RWT or the AsoC.

I see this build as roleplaying character build although it works pretty fine in PvP. If you want to build an optimized character for PvP I think the Blood Scholar is unbeatable. If you want to play an alternative rogue in the OC or with your friends I think you will like this one.

The Pale Rogue is a master of stealth an enjoys killing with touch attacks or later just with words.


  • Full level 9 caster
  • Pretty high AC, due to the boneskin
  • Evasion and Uncanny dodge
  • 7 maxed out skills
  • Good reflex and will saves
  • No XP penalty
  • Playable from 1 to 30


  • Low sneak attack
  • memorize your spells before casting them
  • Low fortitude save
  • Limited access to divination and illusion spells

Why these Race and Classes?Edit

A Human is the only race that can become a Thayer.


  • Evasion and Uncanny dodge
  • Trapfinding
  • Lots of skill points


  • Casting based on intelligence
  • Class needed for the RWT

Pale Master:

  • Immunity to a lot of attacks
  • Spellcasting beneficial class

Red Wizard of Thay:

  • Spellcasting beneficial class
  • School of specilization

Character CreationEdit

STR 10 10
DEX 14 14
CON 10 10
INT 18 28
WIS 10 10
CHA 12 12
Base attack bonus 16
Fortitude save 14
Reflex save 20
Will save 20
Spell resistance 0
Hit Points 178
Natural AC 22

CL Class Feat Bonus/Class Feats Attributes
1 Rogue1 Able Learner, Spellcasting Prodigy Sneak attack +1d6, Trapfinding
2 Wizard1 Scribe Scroll, Summon familiar
3 Wizard2 Extend Spell
4 Wizard3 INT +1
5 Wizard4
6 Rogue2 Spell Penetration Evasion
7 Wizard5 Greater Spell Penetration
8 Pale Master1 bone skin I INT +1
9 Pale Master2 Spell Focus: Necromancy Animate dead x1
10 Rogue3 Sneak attack +2d6, Trap sense +1
11 Pale Master3 darkvision
12 Pale Master4 Empower Spell Bone skin II, summon undead x1 INT +1
13 RWT1
14 Rogue4 Uncanny dodge
15 Pale Master5 Practiced Spellcaster: Wizard deathless vigor
16 Pale Master6 Undead graft x2 INT +1
17 Pale Master7 tough as bone
18 Pale Master8 Maximize Spell Bone skin III, undead graft x3
19 Pale Master9 summon greater undead x1
20 Pale Master10 Deathless mastery, deathless master's touch x3 INT +1
21 RWT2 Epic Spell Penetration
22 RWT3
23 RWT4 Great Intelligence+1
24 RWT5 Greater Spell Focus: Necromancy INT +1
25 RWT6 Lightning Reflexes
26 RWT7
27 RWT8 Great Intelligence+2
28 RWT9 INT +1
29 RWT10 Great Intelligence+3, Arcane Defense (Necromancy)
30 Wizard6

Wizard SpecialsEdit

  • Summon Familiar : Cat
  • School Specialization : Necromancy


Maxed out: Concentration, Spellcraft(30), Listen, Move silently, UMD, Disable device, Hide

(you can max-out another skill, but here I think it is more smart to spare the points on many skills)

!! Don't waste points on Open Lock, 'cause you have Knock for it !!


It is possible to build this character with a Drow, if you want to use the advantages of this race. Therefor you have to replace 3 feats for Empower Spell, Skill Focus (Concentration), Skill Focus (Spellcraft) and replace the Thayer with the Arcane Scholar of Candlekeep.

Author: Lavernac

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