This spell list is used by paladins



  • Aid: Grants target 1d8 +1 temporary hit points and +1 to hit and on saves against fear.
  • Aura of Glory: Grants +4CHA to caster. Allies receive +4 bonus to saves against fear.
  • Bull's Strength: Subject gains +4 to Str.
  • Eagle's Splendor: Subject gains +4 to Cha.
  • Owl's Wisdom: Subject gains +4 to Wis.
  • Remove Paralysis: Frees one or more creatures from paralysis and hold effects.
  • Resist Energy: 20/- resistance against all elemental damage.
  • Shield Other: The caster takes half of target’s damage as well as granting the target +1AC and +1 on saves.
  • Stabilize: Heals every nearby ally a slight amount.



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